Great Hope With Great Challenges

I am experiencing difficulty explaining how technology

could help people overseas not because they don’t want

to learn but that there really is a need to have God’s people

on the ground.

There are some projects not well communicated simply over

the internet. This is where you come in, some of the simplest

ideas of technology overwhelm people of little education.

Many are eager to learn but the challenges of communicating

in different language alone can stop the tools the world’s

poor needs in one big crashing mess.

With great urgency this will be an outreach program so that

you can teach not only about salvation but also how all people

can be blessed with some simple solutions like boiling

contaminated water without fuels.

I will never see a penny in all this myself as this is a labor of love

for God. I will endeavor to keep all materials as simple as possible.

Here are the links you will need I will work to make it bigger

as time goes on. Love In Christ brother Scott.


Number 1

To date this maybe the best idea to end contaminated water, to end the need for expensive cooking methods in Africa, India, and many other countries.
PLEASE ! , you will need to be very careful as the heat could do harm as well as help.It will solve the water risks with germs and cost way less for cooking. This requires a bit of effort but imagine the victories ….Love In Christ …brother Scott

Please Think Safety First !

Disclaimer: These devices are extremely

dangerous, and will INSTANTLY set things on fire!

Never Allow Children To Handle !

Never Leave Unattended !

Never Use Near Vehicles !

Never Use Close To Woods !

Always Wear Welding Goggles, Not Regular Sunglasses !


Number 2

A way to use junk television sets for purifying water.

You will witness why it would be so helpful to have

a missionary personally direct this project.



Number 3

Millions of children are dying for lack of a plant that is 

growing right in their own back yards … a green plant

that has three times the protein of yogurt.

Moringa is a multi-purpose tree that thrives in the tropics. The leaves contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids and are an excellent weapon in the fight against malnutrition. The seeds are able to clarify drinking water and may also be pressed for a high-quality oil. Moringa is easily propagated from either seeds or cuttings and grows well in marginal soils.









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